Update — Spark Camp :: Giving rescheduled

We’ve decided to push back Spark Camp :: Giving a few months to late spring / early summer 2015. The original dates for Giving conflicted with a number of other events, including the Sundance Film Festival. The disadvantages posed by moving Camp to a later date and a new venue (and city) are outweighed by the fact that we’ll be able to accommodate more attendees and, fingers crossed, host discussions outside in the sunshine.

Thanks again to everyone who nominated colleagues and friends; you’ve made our selection process equally tough and inspiring. Invitations to Spark Camp :: Giving will be sent in early January, which means we’ll continue to take nominations until the end of the year. Exact dates and details (including some exciting partnerships) will be announced then.

As for all the marshmallows we stockpiled for Giving — they’ll be put to use at next fall’s Spark Festival! Details on that in the new year.