A big thank you to Future History Festival sponsors

In advance of our upcoming Future History Festival, we’d like to thank our Festival sponsors. We are tremendously lucky. Our sponsors’ financial support means that we can offset the cost of the event — and do our best to help everyone attend at a lower cost. Their support also gives us room to tinker and […]

Spark Camp partners with the Bush Foundation for upcoming Spark Camp :: Giving

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with the Bush Foundation on our upcoming Spark Camp :: Giving. Spark Camp :: Giving will be our seventh Camp. For those in attendance, it will offer a rare chance to reflect on the changing dynamics of philanthropy, charity and fundraising amongst artists, foundation officers, up-and-coming Millennial changemakers, […]

Update — Spark Camp :: Giving rescheduled

We’ve decided to push back Spark Camp :: Giving a few months to late spring / early summer 2015. The original dates for Giving conflicted with a number of other events, including the Sundance Film Festival. The disadvantages posed by moving Camp to a later date and a new venue (and city) are outweighed by […]

Announcing Spark Camp :: Giving

How Americans contribute time and money to causes they believe in has changed dramatically in the last decade. Technology has made it possible — and worthwhile — to give donations as small as $5 with the click of a button. The likes of Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and the Awesome Foundation have helped fundraise millions of dollars […]

Spark Camp Newsroom Summit on Leadership and Management

We are in the midst of a significant rethinking of how news organizations should operate. Organizational shifts like these are the inspiration for our upcoming Summit — Spark Camp Summit on Newsroom Leadership and Management. The Summit, which will be held at CUNY September 5-6, 2014 will focus on the future of newsroom leadership and […]

What’s next for Spark

We’re thrilled to announce a generous grant from the Knight Foundation for the launch of Spark Co. What does this mean? What is entailed in the aforementioned Spark Co? Since we’re in the middle of hosting Spark Camp: Visionaries, Leaders and Managers, please let us quote directly from our blogpost posted over at Knight: “The […]

Spark Camp : Visionaries, Leaders and Managers

We are in the midst of a significant rethinking of how organizations should operate. Zappos — a shoe merchant — recently announced it was doing away with bosses, following in the footsteps of organizations like the software development and distribution company Valve. The media company Upworthy chose to forego an office; its employees work in […]

Nominations for Spark Camp: Leadership & Management


Looking for amazing attendees for our upcoming Spark Camp: Leadership & Management

We are in the midst of a significant rethinking of how organizations should operate. As consumers, we know first-hand how differently we relate to companies. We expect personalized services and communications, and we demand that companies promptly and publicly address mistakes. Just as radical are the different ways that employees now relate to their employers, […]