Amanda Michel (Co-Founder)   bio   Twitter
Amanda is the Open Editor at The Guardian.

Amy Webb (Co-Founder)   bio   Twitter
Amy is the bestselling author of “Data, A Love Story: How I Gamed Online Dating To Meet My Match” (Penguin) and the CEO of Webbmedia Group.

Andrew Pergam (Co-Founder)   bio   Twitter LinkedIn
Andrew is Head of Video at The McClatchy Company.

Matt Thompson (Co-Founder)   bio   Twitter
Matt is Deputy Editor of

Cheryl Cooney (Director of Operations)   bio

Brian Woolf (Sherpa)   bio   Twitter


Camp Counselors

Esther Dyson   bio
Esther is a philanthropist, astronaut and innovator across many platforms and fields.

Richard Gingras   bio
Richard is the Senior Director of news and social products at Google.

Jenny 8. Lee (Co-Founder)   bio
Jenny is an author and the cofounder of Plympton, a new digital literary agency.