Introducing the Spark Camp Playbook

For the past five years, we’ve crafted an event series we think is somewhat unusual for the quality of the connections and insights it produces for participants. We published our reflections on what we’d learned back in 2013. Since then, we’ve experimented a lot, and learned countless more lessons along the way. So we wanted […]

Mastering the Art of Sparking Connections

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Spark Camp :: Storytelling

We had an absolutely fantastic weekend focused on storytelling, technology and media. Thanks to all of our campers for attending! Details from our past Spark Camp :: Storytelling event below: Theme: Storytelling We’re bringing together fascinating and innovative storytellers from a variety of media disciplines – journalism, literature, cinema, theater, gaming, design and broadcast – […]

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Co-Founders Amanda Michel (Co-Founder)  Twitter Amanda is a Global Director (Contributions) at the Guardian in London. Amy Webb (Co-Founder)   bio   Twitter Amy is the Founder of the Future Today Institute and Professor of Strategic Foresight at the New York University Stern School of Business. Andrew Pergam (Co-Founder)   Twitter LinkedIn Andrew is a Director at Facebook. Matt […]


UPCOMING CAMPS Spark Camp:: Long Distance. Remember when long-distance phone calls cost money? Every minute counted, so every minute was precious. Now, in our various forms of quarantine, it’s easier than ever to be connected, but harder than ever to feel connected. With people restricted to gathering over video calls and social media apps, our […]

How Spark Camp came about

A few years ago, we attended an unconference. It was such a great experience that we wanted to find a way to continue those discussions we’d started throughout the year. With initial support and funding via the Knight Foundation and Webbmedia Group, we worked for six months to launch what has become Spark Camp. We […]